Flightline Restaurant

Attention Aviation Enthusiasts!

An exciting, new aviation restaurant is taking off at Santa Barbara airport and you can be part of it! It’s all a part of the new Flightline Restaurant & Lounge that is home to some of aviation’s best memorabilia. This is the ultimate opportunity for all aviation investors to participate and get on the ground floor before it takes off.

Flightline Restaurant

New Management!

Managing Owner, Warren Butler has a vision and it’s coming to life. As you enter the restaurant you will see beautiful scale models of classic World War Two aircraft soaring above your head while the walls reflect stills and framed memorabilia from all corners of aviation.


Invest to be part of Santa Barbara Aviation History

This unique opportunity to invest and be part of aviation history will only last for a brief period of time, so don’t miss this flight!

Outside of Flightline Restaurant

Contact us today

Contact Warren Butler at 805-705-7488 or email him at [email protected] and stop by for a beer.

Help share the history of aviation in Santa Barbara and celebrate those who were part of it!